Emergency Closures

In the rare event of the school having to close unexpectedly in an emergency, we will inform parents via text message. This enables the school to contact all parents very quickly. In the event of severe weather, information may also be given out on MIX ’96, the local radio station and the Buckinghamshire Council website. If the school has to close during the day, we will also attempt to contact parents by phone in addition to the text.

No child would be left to their own devices.

In order for closure procedures to be effective, all emergency contact numbers must be relevant.

Emergency Procedures – involving closure of the school.

This Emergency Procedure is designed to cover closure of the school for any of the following reasons:

  • Severe weather conditions preventing staff and pupils from getting to or from school safely, e.g. snow.
  • Emergency conditions occurring overnight e.g. power or heating failures, burst pipes.
  • Emergency conditions occurring during the day.

Our procedures are as follows:

  • If the school is closed prior to 8.50am the headteacher will confirm the closure by submitting details to Buckinghamshire Council. This triggers an e-mail alert to the relevant radio stations, Mix 96 and BBC Three Counties Radio.
  • Parents will receive a message via ParentMail.
  • If the school has to be closed during the day, the school will contact parents via ParentMail, text or by telephone. All children will remain on the premises (if it is safe to do so) until collected by a parent/carer or named adult.
  • If the school is deemed unsafe, the children will be evacuated to Twyford Village Hall.

Children remain the responsibility of the school until parents take over their responsibility.