Judith Bloomfield
Judith Bloomfield

Head Teacher

Responsible for the day to day running of the school, ensuring pupil progress and attainment is of a very high standard. Judith interacts with Governors and all other school stakeholders, co-ordinating the overall leadership & management of the school.
Term of office from 16 Apr 2018 to present
First appointed on 16 Apr 2018
Andrea Hodges
Andrea Hodges

Foundation Governor (ID 1215448)
Linked to Year 2

Chair of Governing Body
RE and Collective Worship Governor
It was an obvious decision to stand as a governor due to my family connection with the school – with my daughters being the forth generation to attend the school. I wanted to help support the development of the school for the future generations to come.

I come with nearly 20 experience of working in the Health sector and I am currently an operational manager in the NHS. I also have experience in both the finance and legal sectors.

I am very proud of being the chair of governors for Twyford. We are a small team who are passionate about the whole school community and we enjoy playing an active part in school life – whether that is spending time in the classroom or helping on school trips!

Term of office from 30 Sep 2020 to 29 Sep 2024
First appointed on 15 Dec 2015
Nominated by Diocesan Board of Education Foundation Governor

Darryl Hood
Darryl Hood

Foundation Governor

As an HR Manager working in STEM, I have a vested professional desire to see all young people given the very best educational opportunities – one day, they’ll be my workforce!!! Having moved to the village in 2021, I’ve been very keen to be as involved in Twyford life as possible, and this seemed to be a wonderful chance to contribute both to the village, but also support our young people, not least of all as this generation come through the post-COVID world. Being former Church Youth Worker from my time living in Aylesbury, the fact that the school is a Church of England school and has such a genuine and close connection to St Mary’s is very much a huge bonus.

Outside of professional life, I’m a keen amateur Astronomer, working with the MK based charity “UK Astronomy” to bring a sense of awe and wonder to people who may not have ever had the chance to use telescopes to see the stars and planets before. I can also frequently be found trying to keep fit by running along the roads and through the fields surrounding Twyford.

Term of office from 7 Nov 2023 to 6 Nov 2027
First appointed on 7 Nov 2023
Appointed by Governing Body

Carolyn Deeley
Carrie Deeley

Parent Governor (ID 1410369)
Linked to Reception

Chair of PR & Foundation Committee
Pupil Premium, SMSC and Early Years Governor
With one daughter already at the school and another hopefully starting next year I was very keen to give something back to the school which is helping to educate and shape our girls. I was keen to be involved with a Church school that maintains the Christian values I hold close, and am keen to be involved in shaping the education of young children who are so important to our world.In my working life I used to be an Interior Designer before having the girls. Having met my husband, I now live on a busy farm, feeding calves, doing accounts and running a B&B. I hope to bring some of the skills I have learnt in those varied roles to help my role as a Governor.

As Pupil Premium Governor I am responsible for liaising with the staff and reporting back to the Governors on the progress of Pupil Premium pupils and their changing needs. Ensuring that the school is using the Pupil Premium grant to best aid those particular pupils who require extra support.

Term of office from 12 Nov 2022 to 11 Nov 2026
First appointed on 12 Nov 2019
Appointed by Parents

Jenny Hickson
Jenny Hickson
Parent Governor (ID 1646583)
As a Parent Governor, with three children in the School, I am invested and passionate about all students receiving the best education possible at Twyford School. In my previous role as a secondary school form tutor and teacher Design and Technology, I gained valuable experience in pastoral care, child and curriculum development and assessment, and firmly believe in the importance of practical skills and hands-on learning.

It is my belief that every child deserves a high-quality education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. So I am excited to be working collaboratively with my fellow governors, teachers, and support staff to continue providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for the students.

In addition to my professional experience, I am active member of my church, and was also a co-founder of a charity for mothers, and ran a thriving mums and toddlers group for many years. I believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting each other, and I bring this ethos to my role as a school governor.

Term of office from 15 Dec 2022 to 14 Dec 2026
First appointed on 15 Dec 2022
Appointed by Parents

Amy Joseph
Amy Joseph
Local Authority Governor
I am a parent governor, with my eldest daughter now in secondary school having attended Twyford for five great years and my youngest, now in Year 5, who has been with the school since nursery. I have a keen interest in the school as well as the pupils, making sure their education and experience is the best it can be.

Career wise, I am an Electronic/Electrical Engineer working in a sales environment for an innovative automation company. I am also a STEM ambassador and involved in recruiting Apprentices and Graduates. I hope to bring my skills in work and as a parent to the governing board.

I am really looking forward to working alongside the other governors, who are supportive and very experienced. Twyford School is amazing, and I hope I can contribute to its continuing success.

Term of office from 28 Feb 2024 to 27 Feb 2028
First appointed on 28 Feb 2024
Appointed by Governing Body

Felicity Stewart
Felicity Stewart

Associate Member (ID 1412817)
Linked to Year 1

Chair of Welfare, Health & Safety
Maths Governor
I am a primary teacher in Aylesbury and a Maths Specialist. I firmly believe that all children should have the best education possible. I became a Governor at Twyford as I wanted to support and be part of the community. Being a governor has meant that I am able to use my understanding of teaching and education to support the school; it has also meant that I have become a member of an amazing team in an amazing school. I enjoy being involved in the school and its community and I have enjoyed watching the school change and thrive.

I am passionate about Maths and the teaching of Maths. I provide a link between governors and staff on Maths issues, reporting to the governing body and/or its committees as agreed. I am also Health and Safety Governor.

I have the great good fortune of being married to the Vice Chair Paul Stewart.

Term of office from 12 Nov 2022 to 11 Nov 2026
First appointed on 12 Nov 2019
Appointed by Governing Body

Katie Rumble
Katie Rumble
Staff Governor (ID 157960)
I joined Twyford C of E in September 2019 as Early Years Lead teacher. I have a number of years teaching experience across Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2. From September 2022, I took the role of Assistant Headteacher here and remain committed and passionate about providing the best care and education to our wonderful pupils. The role of Governor has given me an opportunity to develop my knowledge and understanding of the wider school and community and enables me to provide my Governor colleagues with a true insight into day-to-day life at Twyford School.

Term of office from 17 Sep 2021 to 16 Sep 2025
First appointed on 17 Sep 2021
Appointed by Staff

Kristopher Craven
Kristopher Craven
Parent Governor
I am a parent governor, with my eldest joining Reception this year and another joining the nursery in September, giving me a personal investment in the education and experience of all the pupils at Twyford.

My career to date has involved working with young people, having previously worked as a SENCo and SEN teacher. Through this, I have gained experience and knowledge that I hope I can bring to the role of governor.

I am excited to join a group of dedicated governors and to work to support a thriving and welcoming school.

Term of office from 13 Jun 2023 to 12 Jun 2027
First appointed on 13 Jun 2023
Appointed by Parents

Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months.

Governor Title Date of Appointment Stepped Down
Paul Stewart Co-Opted Governor 1 Sep 2016 1 Sep 2023
Russell Wood Associate Member 20 Mar 2013 18 Mar 2023
Shelly Peers LEA Governor 23 Feb 2021 7 Mar 2023
Charlotte Ridgeway Parent Governor 23 Feb 2021 22 Feb 2023
Laura Charles Co-opted Governor 11 Oct 2019 11 Nov 2023
Craig Taylor Co-Opted Governor 13 Jun 2023 29 Apr 2024
Steve McWalter Associate Member 13 Jun 2023 05 Mar 2024