About our School


Twyford C of E School prides itself on offering an exciting and excellent education for children from rising three to 11 years old. A small village school, Twyford is the perfect learning environment for our children to thrive. “It is a lovely, gentle school and the children are really happy. All the staff are so friendly and approachable. Nothing is ever too much trouble.” (Parent comment to Ofsted Sept 2017)

Our children are organised into four classes, Nursery and Reception, Year one and two, Year three and four, Year five and six. Our teachers are skilled at planning for mixed age classes and children work to their ability and developmental stage, not necessarily their age.

The classrooms are large and allow for flexibility in teaching methods. We believe it is important for children to learn in the most appropriate way for them and therefore teachers’ planning reflects this. We have a very high staff pupil ratio to ensure all children are supported in their learning. Ofsted 2017 stated that “Current pupils, including those who are disadvantaged, are making consistently good progress in a range of subjects including English and Mathematics.

The Christian ethos is at the heart of our school, where we promote values that guide the children’s daily lives and which are reflected in their confident, caring and respectful attitudes. The clergy take assemblies alternate Mondays and we visit the church for special events and assemblies and as part of our curriculum.