Years 1 & 2 Trip to Oxford Castle


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On Wednesday 10th July Years 1 & 2 visited Oxford Castle. The children have been learning about all different types of castles, even making their own, so this was a perfect opportunity to visit a real one!

Back at school the children wrote about their day. This is Zara’s (Year 2) recount of the visit.

“First we managed to find the coach to Oxford Castle, so we decided to go out to it. It took about an hour to get there or less. When we arrived at Oxford Castle there was a ginormous mound with a black fence around it. By the enterance of the black gate is a squared shape silver box with numbers up to nine. Next we put in the code to let us go round the mound. Would you like to know the code? If you do then this is the code 1642. Then we begin our journey up the very steap mound. After a while we managed to finish walking up the mound. Meanwhile we had to come down the mound from a great height. In the end we got down and straight away someone else came. After that a man came and told us that we were going to have a tour round the castle. During the tour we walked up one hundead steps and all sorts of things. As last we had a surprisingly nice lunch. Straight after lunch we had a workshop. During the work shop we touched all sorts of old things, smelled horrible smells and one nice one. As soon as we finished the workshop, we sadly had to go and find our coach. We went outside to catch the coach. Then we got inside he coach and started to begin our journey once again,. We all waited an hour once again. When we got back every single person was exhausted.”

Written by Zara, Year 2

Years 1 & 2 Trip to Oxford Castle