Year 5 & 6 Girls Visit to the Wycombe Wanderers’ Matrix Centre


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On Wednesday 28th February the girls from Years 5 & 6 all went out on a Maths Confidence Course at the Wycombe Wanderers’ Matrix Centre. It was an exciting day for all of us. We did many fun activities including: a scavenger hunt (outside) where we had to use our maths skills to find all of the different things, when we found the things we had to take selfies of ourselves with the answers; a number dot activity, where we had to be in partners and choose a sequence of dots to get from one end to the other using all the four operations, the people who got the biggest number would get a prize; the locker room numbers was another activity when we each had a number and the lady would give us a maths task, e.g. if your number is larger than thirty then move spaces, so whoever had a number larger than thirty had to move a space, but the lady would move one space down, so one person would be out.

They are just three of the five activities we did. Each activity could have a winner so those people who won an activity got a prize which was a special Wycombe Wanderers medal. We all had a wonderful day full of amazing activities.

By Imogen

Year 5 & 6 Girls Visit to the Wycombe Wanderers’ Matrix Centre