Vision & Values

Our School and Christian Vision

We are a community where all are encouraged to prosper and grow within a Christian foundation.

Everyone matters: Everyone cares

God declares, I know you and I have plans for your prosperity and a future filled with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

Our Approach

  • To provide a welcoming, secure, happy and caring environment in which to work, learn and play, where everyone will feel valued.
  • Encourage excellence in teaching and learning through ensuring a positive attitude in all learners and an engaging curriculum.
  • Establish a culture where our Christian vision is central to the ethos of the school and where cultural and religious diversity is celebrated.
  • Work in partnership with parents, carers, the Church and the local community.
  • Create equal opportunities and have high expectations of outcomes for every child in all aspects of school life.
  • Ensure each and every child acquires the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their full potential and confidently realise their individual talents and aspirations.
  • Promote tolerance and respect for all equipping them to become responsible citizens in a fast-changing and challenging world.
  • Promote resilience in our pupils through a “Growth Mindset” culture ensuring that they are equipped and prepared for their future learning and on into their adult lives.

Vision and Values