Sports Funding

PE – Government Sports Funding

As part of the Government’s initiative to raise the status and standards of sport in schools we received £8,316 in November 2016. The school uses this in several ways to enhance the learning of sports in school and improve teachers skills in teaching sport. We belong to the Buckingham Schools Sports Partnership who run training for staff alongside sports festivals and resources. The school have also paid for professional coaches to teach sports all day on a Tuesday. Each class has an allocated time to work with the coaches developing a wide range of skills. The class teachers have the opportunity to work alongside these coaches developing their skills and supporting the delivery of high quality PE throughout the school. Staff have been trained in delivering “Real” PE and resources for the scheme purchased. Funding is also used for transport between schools for inter-school activities.

The impact of this additional funding is that staff are being upskilled by working alongside sports coaches; children receive sports tuition from specialist sports practitioners; children have a much greater opportunity to participate in events that build an understanding of being a team member. This helps them to recognise the value of participation, as well as the thrill of competing, whilst keeping perspective and accepting the outcomes.