The Admissions Policy for children of compulsory school age is managed and operated by the Local Authority. They allocate places according to specific needs and distance from home to school. Full details are available from Bucks County Council. Please click here for further details.

We accept four year olds into the Reception class in the September of the academic year that they turn five. We meet with the parents during the summer term after children have been allocated their school place. The children will also be invited to an induction day during the summer term to get to know their teacher and the rest of the class.

Nursery Admissions

Places for admission into our Nursery class are allocated on availability. If the number of children applying for entry exceeds the places available, the school will follow the admission rules as set out by the LEA. A child will not normally be admitted until the term before he or she becomes 3 years old. A place in the Foundation Nursery Class at 3 or 4 years does not automatically give your child a school place.

We hold a school Open Day in the October where there is the opportunity to look around the school during the school day.

Alternatively parents are welcome to arrange a personal tour at any other time of year. For further information or to make an appointment please contact the school office on 01296 730305 or email